What does HarmonyOS, HMS and AppGallery mean for Huawei?

As it is known, last year, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei because of its tense relations with China. On top of that, Huawei developed the new operating system called HarmonyOS and started using it on its laptops. From now on we will see this operating system on new Huawei computers. This operating system will also be on mobile phones.

What is Harmony OS?

Huawei's new operating system HarmonyOS was announced at the Huawei Developer Conference 2019 event in China. HarmonyOS, which is the first open source micro core based operating system in the world, is much more than an operating system developed by Huawei as a competitor to Android.

HarmonyOS, which Huawei aims to manage all smart objects with a single operating system, can work on all devices with processors such as cars, smartphones, smart watches, computers, smart home systems and televisions.

The advance of the micro core based operating system

With its micro-core-based development, Huawei focuses on the Internet of Things technology and ensures that all devices where the operating system is installed communicate with each other.

Currently, HarmonyOS does not seem to be a rival to Android and IOS, but Huawei's future goal is to pass both platforms. But they need some time for this.

What is HMS and AppGallery ?

As you know, Huawei is still under a US embargo in the direction of commercial war with China. That's why the company cannot get Android license for their phones.

With this embargo, Huawei cannot use Google Mobile Services (GMS) on an Android operating device. Failure to use GMS on an Android operating device means not having Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive cloud and backup services, YouTube. Due to the fact that most applications integrate with these services, they cannot provide application support other than some popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The solution developed by Huawei is Huawei Mobile Services, HMS.

Huawei and Honor brand mobile devices will be offered to users with HMS.

AppGallery is a secure app store for users to download apps on HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones. This service, which is among the top three application stores in the world, makes searching and downloading applications much safer with the four-layer security protocol.

If you want to put apps into App Gallery, you don't need to pay any fee for the developer account.

Let's take a closer look at the HMS

Huawei Mobile Cloud: Photos, music, videos, etc. is a cloud service where you can back up things.

Huawei Assistant: This is the assistant service that we expect Google Assistant to replace.

Huawei Themes: It is a service where you can find beautiful and unique themes.

Huawei Browser: a browser offered as a competitor to Google Chrome.

HMS Core: a system that serves application developers.

Huawei ID: To use all these features, you need to create an ID with Huawei ID.


1. Account Kit: provide a quick and secure way for users to sign in to your app.

2. In-App Purchase Kit: Monetize your app around the world with a global payment service.

3. Push Kit: Improves targeting and responsiveness when engaging users.

4. Ads Kit: Access high-quality ads for getting the most value out of your monetizable traffic.

5. Analytics Kit: Collect and analyze your data efficiently on a one-stop platform.

6. Location Kit: Get user location faster and more precisely with fused geolocation.

7. Site Kit: Provide services specific to the place your users are in.

8. Map Kit: Personalize your map display and interactively for better location-based services.

9. Quick App: Installation-free apps developed to run on all devices using new industry standards.

10. Drive Kit: Enable your users to store and manage their data securely on the cloud.

11. Wallet Kit: Be part of the All-in-one wallet digital lifestyle with convenient access to other business and service.

12. DRM Kit: Protect your content with free and standard copyright capabilities.

13. Health Kit: Build an app with the strength and stamina to keep up with your users and their fitness data.

14. ML Kit: Take advantage of machine learning for vision and language services.

15. Awareness Kit: Get the context and status of your users to give them a smarter experience.

16. Scan Kit: Give your users access to the QR and other barcodes conveniently.

17. Nearby Service: Give your apps the ability to communicate with nearby devices.

18. Safety Detect: Build and maintain a secure app with multiple checks.

19. Dynamic Tag Manager: Monitor and analyze your marketing activities with code-free and flexible tags.

20. FIDO: Authenticate your users through biometric and FIDO2 identity securely.

21. Identity Kit: Make address authorization and management easier and faster for your users.

22. Game Kit: Focus on innovating the gaming experience with in-depth services.

23. Panorama Kit: Enable your users to browse and interact with images with a 360-degree view in a simulated 3D space.

24. Wear Kit

For now, I have told you about Huawei's new ecosystem in general. however, in my next post, I plan to explain the HMS MapKit integration as an example. See you in my next post. 👋🏼😊


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