Libraries and some Plugins that I find useful for Android Studio

Hello, in this article, I will talk about the Android Studio plug-ins that I use in my projects and the online tools,libraries that I use when developing applications.


So what does this plugin do? A person gets tired of writing the same codes. For example, you need to write an adapter class for Recylerview.

Exynap Plugin is here to help you. There are certain patterns in this plugin. For example, Recylerview Adapter, dialog creation and so on. you just specify the structure you want to create and you are creating the code snippet or class.


DTO Generator

If you are a developer working with services, you usually have the following problem; This is the response from the server and I need to create a class in the application according to this response. Well, let me create classes one by one.

There is a site called to solve this problem, but you need to copy and paste the classes it creates one by one for the JSON you provide. Wouldn't it be nice to have classes formed immediately in Android Studio according to your JSON structure? DTO Generator was created to solve this problem exactly.

Butterknife Zelenzy

Many developers use the  "Butterknife" library to make development easier. Unfortunately, you have to define the components one by one in your Activity class.

Activity has its own layout file, so what if the components directly in the layout file can be easily defined in your Activity class? You can define the components in the layout with a single click.

Easy Share Pref

Easy way to put and get data and Object for the shared preferences in Android.

Color Tool

You can create and share color palettes for your UI, and measure the accessibility of any color combination.

Gradle Please

You can now find current library versions in a single search. Because Gradle Please will be your hero.



Vysor is a free plug-in that you can manage from your Google Chrome browser without rooting your Android device. Vysor is a small Google Chrome plug-in that lets you manage your Android phone and tablet from your desktop.


I will update this list as I find new add-ons and tools.  Wir sehen uns 🙂

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