I graduated from Computer Science/Kocaeli University.
I have three years of experience working as an Mobile developer.

I have experience working with Java(Android) for mobile development and Swift for IOS app development. My experience includes working with multimedia apps(Live Stream), Indoor Navigation app with Beacons. Car Tracking app with Google Map(cluster and markers,map modes) and Websocket(Real data). Healthcare solutions in mobile devices, improve patient experience apps and web-services. I also have experience working with WordPress,PHP. I stay updated on all the latest developments and trends.

I have extensive knowledge of modern web&mobile design, graphics and layouts and the experience needed to ensure excellent performance and a great user experience with all new designs. I pay close attention to details to ensure accuracy and to help create elegant new designs.

I have outstanding verbal and writing skills along with active listening skills. I also have great people skills with the ability to get along well with co-workers when working as a team but I can also work independently when required. I am dependable and trustworthy with the skills needed to be a great asset to companies.

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A few words about me

A few words about me

Software engineer who likes weekend more than weekdays. Loves food and cooks good as well. Loves to travel and gym, can never spend a weekend sitting idle at home. My actions speak more than words.

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